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apacity in steel and coal as part of its 〓economic structural reform, Premier Li Keqiang vowed as he addressed the opening of〓 the AnnualR

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Meeting of the New Champions 2016, or Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Monda〓y. The government will continue to focus especially on supply-sidR

Combine & Save

e structural refo〓rm by reducing supply of inefficient and low-end products and services while encour〓aging more in-demand and premium onE


es, a process that will boost economic growth, L〓i told delegates at the forum. An important part of the supply-side reform is cutt〓ing excess capacity in sectors including steel and coal, and this will be further p〓ushed mainly "with a 0

market-oriented and l9

aw-abiding approach,"K

he said. According〓f

to the premier, gove3

rnments and enterprisd

es will take measuresZ

to reemploy steel w

rkers and coal minex


rs made redundant. "Overcapacity is a global challenge and Chi〓na stands ready to be a responsible country with all these proactive measures," he 〓said. The government will reform on its own services to cut red tape and regulate 〓emergin5



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d influence." Thanks in part to the e〓fforts, China's broader economic growth has showed 8

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〓increasing signs of stabilizing since the latter ha〓lf of last year, with indicators such as factory pr〓ices and iE


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